Mindstep Shoes is a footwear sourcing agency located in the North of Portugal, close to the main clusters in the shoe industry, Felgueiras and São João da Madeira. We work with brands who wish to produce their collections in Portugal and benefit from the great tradition of the Portuguese handcrafting and flexibility.

Our goal is to work alongside with you, to help you reaching your goals, from the very first prototype until the delivery of the goods so you can expand your business and grow.

Your Success is Our Business!

A Dedicated Partner

The quality of our footwear agency is based on our full commitment to our clients, a commitment that starts with the very first meeting and keeps on growing over time. More than a supplier, we see ourselves as your partner, your eyes and arms in the field.


A Strong Industrial Network

We have long-established relationships with several shoe factories and suppliers (outsoles, heels, leathers, fabrics, etc.). We are seen as a reliable partner and this recognition gives us easy access to suppliers who can meet our clients’ needs in terms of quality, quantities and pricing.


Professional Solution Providers

Making shoes involves so many components, often from different countries, that our experience tells us there is always a problem to solve. Our capacity to adapt to any situation and to anticipate issues is definitely an asset.


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