How to work with a shoe factory?

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9 Setembro, 2017
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How to work with a shoe factory?

Every day, we receive emails and other solicitations from people who need to contract a factory to produce their shoes. We are not talking about experienced professionals who, generally, know perfectly how to deal with this but of shoe designers, young entrepreneurs who dream to build their own collection and, unfortunately, most of the time, they don’t know how to proceed.

First, select a good partner…

If you are starting in the shoe business, this is useless to contact major factories because they will not have space and time for you. More than a production unit, you need to build a partnership and this is why we recommend to you to work with a sourcing agent, able to give you some precious advices and to recommend the good factories for your project.

Second, be sure that the factory understands what you say…

You will be surprised to know that some factories don’t have staff fluent in English or another foreign language. They may have some problems of communication and this is something you must avoid. Because of this, we recommend to contract the services of a sourcing agency.

Third, be sure that the factory understands what you need…

Above all, be honest! If you are starting a new project, if you don’t know where to start, if you are looking for help, say it. There is no shame… Explain clearly what you are looking for in terms of design, materials, quantities, prices etc. According to this, your partner will give you its feedback and try to help you in finding the perfect balance between what you really want and what it is possible to do.