9 Setembro, 2017

The Future of Footwear Consumption in 2030

The study Footwear Consumer 2030 predicts that in the next 15 years online sales will create a different dynamic from traditional brick and mortar retail, raising new questions for brands and businesses and boosting the global network of consumption If […]
9 Setembro, 2017

How to Select the Right Shoes for Your Shoe Collection?

Finding the right styles to create your own collection is a huge challenge and despite you are an accomplished professional, there are some rules that we recommend you to follow… Select a good partner Take your time to find the […]
9 Setembro, 2017

Portuguese Footwear Factories Bet on Quality

When Portugal accepted an international bailout a few years ago, its rescue lenders pushed an orthodox strategy for digging out of recession. Cut wages and prices, they instructed, and exports will become more competitive. Shoes factories, here in Felgueiras the […]
9 Setembro, 2017

Is it (im)possible to Order Small Quantities?

It is usual to hear that shoe factories don’t produce small quantities but, in part, this is absolutely not true. Of course, factories like to work with major customers, able to order huge quantities but, in our opinion, the best […]
9 Setembro, 2017

Everything You Should Know About Shoes Samples

Shoes samples are an important element of the footwear business as they allow the customer to discover for real what have been imagined for so long. However, most of the time, it is also a problem as it requires a […]
29 Junho, 2017

Portuguese Footwear Industry Plans to Double Exports by 2025

Portugal’s footwear industry is to invest 20 million Euros this and next year in marketing its products abroad, to establish itself as the most sophisticated in the world. The goal is to double exports over the next decade.   The […]